Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little black rain cloud. Rome, Italy.

I am having one for those days when nothing goes right. I arrived in Rome after several long flights only to discovered that my suitcase had not arrived. I had gotten thoroughly lost trying to even find the baggage pick up area, with airport attendants all directing me in circles. Anyways back to the missing suitcase. When I finally realized it wasn't going to come bumping down the drop shoot onto the rolling rack I went in search of a service desk. The service desk redirected me to another service desk where I waited in a huge line-up. The line-up wait gave me plenty of time to speculate about the unfortunate situation of being in Italy with only yoga pants and a hoodie to wear. I mean this is Italy, people dress up at all times, right? When it was my turn to file a missing bag report I had alligator tears welling up in my eyes, threatening to spill over. Eventually, the woman behind the help desk reported that my suitcase was in Germany but was being put on the next flight to Rome. Phew.... at least I wasn't going to be without my heels and makeup. My suitcase was on it's way. Six hours later I was able to leave the airport with suitcase rolling behind me. I missed my only day available to explore Rome, but I got to see the graffitied trains and the lush green beyond the tracks.
The hostel I booked is cute. The elevator is ancient, small and akward and so so cool. I staying in a dorm room on the 2nd floor. I have yet to meet my roomates. I packed all of my valuables into the locker provided and slapped my own padlock on and hit the shower. After the very refreshing and very hot shower I stuck the key in my lock and turned and turned and turned... and turned but the lock wasn't unlocking. I eventually had to ask the receptionist for assistance and she pulled out the biggest wire cutters I've ever seen and hacked the lock off.
I wandered into the common area to charge my laptop. However, it wasn't getting a charge. Only after trying several outlets did I relent to the fact that my adapter was broken. Seriously? It is said things happen in three's, both good and bad. So that should be it for today: lost suitcase, broken padlock and malfuntioning adapter.

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  1. Awww. Murphy's law and all that. It can only go up from here! Hope everything works out for ya, drink lots of vino for me!