Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time flies ... Catchin' up!

Wow! I can't believe I've allowed almost 3 years to slip by without blogging! To get caught up, here are a few hi-lites of my last 3 years!

Discovering an abandoned blueberry farm & picking berries 3 seasons in a row! Sadly, 2012 was the last year for free blueberries because the property has been bull dozed... likely going to see condos go up :(

Sun, friends, crepes from the farmer's market & bubbles! Joy.

Several trips to Tofino!

Several trips to Nelson!

And Whistler too!

Visiting Montreal to witness a dear friend get married! I almost wasn't allowed to board the plane because I had bronchitis really bad. Security seemed to think I needed an ambulance because I was coughing so hard. Barely pulled it together to convince them I was fit to fly. Phew!

Working New Years with these beauties!

FOOD! Cooking, sharing & eating!

Playing dress up!

Long hair, short hair & this random guy wearing my braid of hair that just got cut off!

Adopting Baby Cakes! Love her!

A day at the horse tracks! I won $16!

Music festivals!

Winter camping with 5 boys at Sloquet Hotsprings! We got a flat tire on the way up the logging road & it took all 6 of us to figure out how to change it... Actually we had to flag down a truck driver to help out... Slightly embarrassing! Hot springs were amazing! Several pools that lead into the river. 

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