Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea with Chinna. Kerala, India.

Judy and I decided to trek out on foot to find a remote beach that was recommended to us. We chose to do this in the middle of the day, which of course is also the hottest part of the day (rooky mistake). After a long and sweaty walk along the dusty road and no sign of the beach we gave up. We stopped at a small stall to purchase a refreshing water, but the stall only sold hot tea. Remembering that hot tea is known to cool a persons body temperature in hot climates, we ordered two hot teas. Chinna made us tea as we chatted with her cousin Joe who also acted as a translator so we could communicate with Chinna. After finishing the last sip of tea we brought out our money to pay the six rupees but Chinna shook her head. Joe said she wanted to invite us to her home and we could pay later. So we left the stall to operate on its own and ventured across the street to where Chinna lived with her four sisters and various cousins. They all have separate houses but they are all in the same yard. She showed us their cats, turkeys, pigeons and goldfish. Joe informed us that most of the men in his neighbourhood are fishermen. Further south in the town were it is "more posh" men do work in offices. Then we were led down a winding back alley to the BEACH! Such a beautiful family with open generous hearts. This family lives very simple and they are so happy. It is a lesson I will take with me.

Chinna is the woman in the first portrait. The other woman photographed is one of her sisters. Her other two sisters declined having their portraits taken, which I graciously respected. The final image is of Joe.


  1. Love the pigeon!
    How are you posting and editing while you're away?

  2. I brought my teeny tiny Acer laptop. It can only handle the most basic editing.

  3. Nice pics! Hooray for Joe. Chinna has a beautiful face! Right on!

  4. Ha ha yeah I love that haggered bird! also the middle picture and the bonanas! keep em coming.