Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Capital City. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hanoi is a big, busy city. Walking through the streets provides constant stimulation for the senses. Although the traffic can be overwhelming I figured if a crooked elderly woman and an elderly blind couple could navigate through it then so could I. I managed okay but did just barely manage to escape from being sandwhiched between a big bus and a motorbike at a busy intersection.
The night life is fun as the city has many options for entertainment ranging from dancing, live jazz music to beer corners. Beer corners are everywhere in the old quarter. Locals and toruists alike sit on child size plastic chairs on the streets and drink Hanoi's own draft beer. At six beers for an $1 it is a cheap and social way to spend an evening.
I would have loved to have stayed longer in Hanoi to explore the surrounding areas such as Sapa and Halong Bay but our visa's were expiring after a spending a full month in Vietnam. And so we boarded yet another bus and heading to Laos.

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