Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disneyland! Dalat, Vietnam.

We spent a few days in Dalat. It was very very cold, which I found surprising. We went from shorts and flip flops to pants and layered sweaters. The first night I curled up in fetal position and shivered. The second night I requested an extra blanket.
Dalat is a small town with plenty of kitsch, although they prfer the term romance. Much of the town is modeled after Paris because of the french colonial history here. The radio tower is fashioned after the eiffel tower and lights up the city center after dark. There is a man made lake where tourists can rent swan paddle boats. They even have horse drawn carriages, although they are prohibited on the busier main roads. One tourist destination is the 'Crazy House' that is described as an example of unique architecture. In reality it is more of a funhouse that gave me flashbacks of toonetown in Disneyland. You know, where Mickey Mouse lives.

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