Friday, January 22, 2010

New Hair. Hue, Vietnam.

I had my hair dyed back to my natural colour when I was in Nha Trang at the beginning of January. However, two weeks later it turned orange. Ewwwww so gross, right? Anyways, I went to have it fixed while in Hue. I went to a nice salon and chose a colour. The stylist went to work saturating my hair with colour. Shampoo, rinse and blow dry.... et voila! Oh no spoke too soon.... my hair was blue. I looked and felt like a troll doll. The stylist barely blinked an eye before remixing colour and re-saturating my hair. Okay, so maybe she was just stripping the old colour before adding the new colour? Shampoo, rinse and blow dry... and GREEN HAIR? Now I was really worried. The stylist looked at me and asked "you like colour?". "umm no, it's green" I said. She mixed some more colour while I contemplated shaving my head and investing in a wig. Shampoo, rinse and blow dry... et voila! Dark brown locks with no trace of orange, blue or green. Sigh of relief. My hair is, of course, fried. And two days later the colour has lightened. I expect it will be blonde within a month. Colour never seems to take to my hair properly.

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