Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A family affair. Phu Quok Island, Vietnam.

Judy and I spend our last day in Phu Quok by renting motorbikes and touring the island. As the evening approached we stopped to watch the sunset and try to capture it's beauty with our cameras. The colours are never quite the same though. Some kids came out to say hello and motioned for us to follow them. So we did and they took us home to meet the whole family. It turns out we had already met the grandmother, who had passed us a few minutes prior on the road and stopped to smile and shake our hands. She is very creased with lines of time and wears ill fitting dentures.
We sat on the families steps and watched the sun set. The mother has 7 children ranging in age from 3 months to late teens. We did our best to learn a bit about eachother; names, ages, countries. There is so much value in spontaneous moments such as this where connections are made despite differences in culture and language.

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